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Remote/Onsite Support

There’s no time-cap or limits when you sign up to our Fully Outsourced IT Department. Just contact our dedicated team and they can respond online, by phone or simply jump on the tube to your office to assist with all your IT issues. 24/7 Remote/Onsite Support

Proactive Support

Contact your outsourced IT department any day, any time, and log a call for any related IT matter. Our friendly Service Desk engineers will start working on your call and either resolve it remotely there and then or despatch an engineer to visit your office to have a closer look.

Scalability and Agility

As your business grows and scales, your needs may change. We are agile and quick to respond to your needs. With the challenges of a scaling business, you'll have the flexibility of a dynamic IT department that ensures you're building on solid foundations.

Services & IT Support

Service Provision

Service provision involves the application of skill and experience to achieve objectives, and may include the supply of Hardware & Software.

Various types of service level agreements are available
  • Installation and setup of Computers, software and peripherals, including servers and complete Networks.
  • Integration of Computers Mac, Linux and PC.
  • Installation and setup of interactive Whiteboards and projectors.
  • Fault finding and repair, both on site and remotely, for most makes of PCs, Workstations, Servers, Laptops and peripherals.
  • Implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) functionality, enabling Users at remote locations to access LAN and WAN NEtworks, using Broadband or GPMS. This is a particularity useful facility for integrating satellite offices, and for staff who need to access and process ata, using Laptops and Tablets, Ipad or (PDAs), when they are away from the office.
  • System extension and enhancement.
  • Upgrade of most makes of PCs, Workstations, Servers and Laptops.
  • Hardware and Software maintenance.
  • Comprehensive spares finding service, enabling repair of obsolescent and obsolete equipments.
  • Security aspects.
  • Managed support.

Managed Support

GREEMYIAN.NET is able to provide a high level of support for business critical equipment.

The level of support and the response to problems will be tailored to suit your requirements, taking account the nature of the equipment involved, it’s applications and costs.

  • Design, supply and upgrade of network systems to provide adequate redundancy for critical components.
  • Remote System Monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for critical File Servers and other items.
  • Remote analysis of problems and their resolution. Many problems can be resolved without the need for a site visit.
  • Fast response site visits for the solution of critical problems.
  • Site visits, within and agreed timeframe, for the resolution of noon-critilca problems.
  • Site visits, either scheduled or by invitation, to undertake tasks such as preventative maintenance, software upgrade, hardware upgrade, and general liaison activities with the client and system users.
  • Operation of Help-desk, whereby unlimited support is available to system users, by phone, email or fax.a


Good security is imperative to prevent hackers getting access to your important data or interfering with the smooth operation of your Systems. New threats need to be identified quickly, and appropriate countermeasures implemented.

Greemyian.Net Computing provides consultancy, design, penetration testing and auditing of security measures.

  • Security afforded by physical design of Network Infrastructure.
  • Access Security afforded by measures such as Procedures, Firewalls and Protective Software.
  • Camera-based systems for Intruder detection and notification.
Hardware Upgrade & Repair

Greemyian.Net Computing offers a comprehensive repair and upgrade service.

  • Fault finding and repair of most makes of PCs, Workstations, File Servers, Laptops and Printers.
  • Comprehensive spares finding service, enabling older equipments to continue in service, when necessary.
  • Upgrade of most makes of PCs, Mac, Workstations, File servers, and Laptops.
Remote / Onsite Support

Contact your outsourced IT department any day, any time, and log a call for any related IT matter.
Our friendly Service Desk engineers will start working on your call and either resolve it remotely there and then or despatch an engineer to visit your office to have a closer look.

Monthly Support Fully Outsourced IT Department

Outsourcing your IT department to us will not only save you some cash, but it will also free up your time to focus on your core business, instead of spending it on managing an in-house IT team (or paying a big salary to an IT Manager/Director to do that job for you).

Outsourcing your IT department to us and you'll enjoy:
  • A friendly dedicated team of IT professionals that deal with all your IT matters for you.
  • A senior-level team of IT experts, who will be looking overseeing all your business IT.
  • Regular meetings with one of our directors, to get constant feedback from you on your needs and how we answer them.
  • IT roadmap and financial IT predictability.
  • Guidance and advise selecting the right tools for your business and budget.
  • Vendors neutral procurement services.
Depending on your current business size, your needs and services requirements, you may also enjoy our free onboarding service, which means it will not cost you a penny to migrate your IT to us.
We Can Offer Your Business

Clear and transparent flat rates

No matter what time you need our support, we’ll charge a single flat rate to ensure your business is always operational with no nasty surprises.

Harness a team based IT experts

You’ll have the IT resources of an enterprise, at a cost that is typically lower than a single employee. If you’re businesses is set to scale, then we offer an ideal IT solution that can grow with you.

Stay ahead of the curve

Whatever your business does today or in the future, you’re likely to be technology reliant. We’ll ensure you’re not only up to date, but in fact leading the game with the tech that you’re using.

Increase Your Business Productivity

With our support plans, your business will benefit from faster and more reliable IT systems, which will improve your overall business operation.

Avoid Disruption and Downtime

Maximize your business uptime, and avoid wasted time waiting for your systems to come back up, with our proactive monitoring and services.

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Remote Support

In most cases, our IT specialist team are able to deal with computer problems remotely without ‘physically’ changing any hardware on your PC. Resolving computer issues such as viruses, malware, and even hard drive failure from a remote location by our IT Specialist minimises computer repair time and allows you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.

For those with limited computer knowledge, you can comfortably watch one of our IT specialist fix the computer problems on your PC from the comfort of your office chair. While doing that, you may want to think about the joys of modern technology that allowed you to accomplish this amazing feat.

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